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Heard from a friend

Heard from a friend (Hi Richard!) that I went to school with. Haven't heard from him since '87. In case you haven't seen it (and you're from the UK) the Friends Reunited site is really good. I've heard from a few people via it, as have a number of other people I know.

Work good. Weather shitty.

Sunday: Bad headache most

Sunday: Bad headache most of the day.

Monday: Took the day off - awake all night with headache. Played guitar and fs2002 most of the day.

Tuesday: Fun guitar lesson - good coding. When writing a vararg thunk between script and c, spent ages figuring out that floats will be pushed on the stack as doubles in the vararg case...

Went out for dinner

Went out for dinner tonight at the German place in Kirkland again. v. nice - then off to Joe's. More news from Sue - she's found some cheap tickets and will be arriving next Saturday from England. Yey!

Dog was a bit a nightmare today - it's bum exploded all over the carpet. hmm.

Missed out on a

Missed out on a few day's journal.

Not much happening - band practice today - that was great! A bit too much philosophising aftwerwards... interesting nonetheless.

Sue called today - she won't be coming about to visit at the end of the month, but will be coming out over the new year when mum will also be visiting ;-)

Slow day - some

Slow day - some guitar practice, web surfing and beer drinking.

Pretty much finished up

Pretty much finished up the coding conventions doc. Will post it at some point.

Spent most of the day on scripting systems. This stuff is fun - takes me back to College when most of my work was on compiler tech. Currently working on being able to call C/C++ code from script.

This evening Nabila and I went to a new restaurant in Kirkland - Szaminia's (or something like that ;-) - a really cool German restaurant. Highly recommended if a little pricey.

Weather - wet.

Kinda fun today -

Kinda fun today - we realised (even though a couple of us have worked together before) that we didn't have a coding style guide. So I put a basic one together and then we all iterated on it.

What fun! Got lots of opinions from the team, mostly good, and some I downright disagreed with. One of our guys has a very different style to the rest of us (very non-ms). I really hope he doesn't feel pissed off about what we will finally come up with. I'll post it here probably when we're done.

Went to Joe's this eve and met up with Deb and Tom as Deb is off for a few weeks.

Nice day weather-wise.

Oh yeah - final day of "Puppy Manners" dog training today. Maddy did her trick (fetching her ball - believe me, it's hard for a herding dog), and she got her graduating certificate ;-)

Lunch today with Tobin

Lunch today with Tobin Buttram - took a look at the Korg Karma he has for work.

Band practice this evening.

Shitty weather.

No much to report.

No much to report. The reorg went as I hoped - my input (not too sound to contrite) was listened too.

Went out for a beer this eve, chatted to a few people and then came home. Played downstairs with the wroglet for about half an hour then came upstairs to write this.

Had a guitar lesson today - started working on blue's solos. It's gonna take a while to get then hang of the strumming as picking thing...

Got invited to the

Got invited to the neighbour's house (Anna) for brunch today with the whole neighbourhood - was kinda nice. Nabila and I chatted to our house's former owners for most of the time. They are also Brits.

Spent most of the afternoon changing strings on the ovation and then playing around in sonar. Wrote a little funky ditty.

Will probably head down to the bar this evening for "DJ night".

A nice day - sunny and a few light showers.

Poor Maddy. Turns out

Poor Maddy. Turns out she's picked up worms - we need to feed her some yellow drug thing once every couple of weeks.

Nice day - shopping and Guitar Center, dinner and drinks.

Ended up going to

Ended up going to Anthony's as the 3rd Floor Fish Cafe was too busy.

Some Captain Morgan's and food (never had clam's before other than in a clam chouder (sp?). Thanks Dawn).

Watched Barry Bonds get 71, then 72...

Decieded our dog is mad. Nice, but mad ;-)

Time to start really

Time to start really keeping this log.

So where was I? Oh yeah. Now living in Kirkland, with my wonderful wife Nabila and our new Old English Sheepdog, Maddy.

Life is good, but I need to give up smoking. We're going for celebration drinks tonight with some friends who are now into many weeks of non-smoking-hood.

Congrats to CJ, Karen, Dawn, Darwin and Sam.

I've recently started playing music again after a many-year hiatus. This was mainly kickstarted by some friends (Tom, CJ and Sarah) who started a band Cousin Phil (nee Clayton Park). Well, their band recently split (work commitments - no animosity) and Tom CJ and I have started playing together.

It's really fun. Tom and CJ have played a fair amount together (Trash Monquis) and Tom has all the gear (PA, etc..) and is a prolific song-writer and vocalist. CJ is an excellent guitarist and vocalist and I hope to learn much from them.

Work is good. I probably will not talk much about it here as it's all hush-hush (except to say it's an XBox title and I'm the lead developer). I may post some generalizations.

Time to do some more spec -work...

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