Wow - it's been ages since I updated this. Sue and Mark came out to visit on the 27th and stayed for a week. That was great and we miss them - especially Maddy ;-) On Halloween (Weds) I played live with Cousin Phil for their last gig - on Thurs we had dinner round here and Mark tought me how to make Creme Brulles - yum! Friday was house warming party at Deb's. We forgot it was a house warming party and didn't bring a gift - oops.

Yesterday I went to the Seattle car show as I've been thinking about getting an SUV type thing - the Z3 just isn't really practical in the winter - plus moving band gear in it is a bit of a chore. So I think I've decided on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

Went to Joes this eve - Bila and I ate from Georges. Kirk came down - haven't seen him in a long while.

Work is being a pain - I'm running a bit late on the current milestone and then the art team decide to upgrade to maya 4.0 and one of our exporters broke badly - am gonna have to rewrite it....