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Dog show yesterday. Maddy

Dog show yesterday. Maddy was competing in the puppy classes. Did you see "Best In Show"? It's worse. Personally, I think Maddy looks like a classic Old English Sheepdog, and has great looks. Not overtly "genetically engineered" like the American Kennel Club seems to want.

Anyhow, we go to the show (Maddy's breeder entered her, and we thought it would be a good idea). Most of the people there were really nice, helpful and interesting to talk to. Anyhow, we were told that a handler had been arranged to show her, but we turn up and there hasn't. I really wanted Nabila to show her, so I pressurised her to do it (hey! I thought it would be good!) Some of the other handlers gave Nabila great advise, and the first "Sweepstakes" competition went ahead. Nabila did great! Maddy didn't get placed, but, like I said, the genetically engineered dogs won.

Then we waited for a couple of hours for the next competition. This one was "Conformance". Again, Nabila and Maddy did great, but Maddy did some barking and jumping up (Hey! She's a puppy - what do you expect? Some of the others did the same...) Anyhow, apparently the Judge told Nabila in the middle of the ring (I couldn't hear) to "Get some practice before coming to a Dog Show again". HEY, FUCK YOU, YOU JUMPED UP LITTLE HITLER! She was lucky it wasn't me doing the handling.

[Update 1/14/02] - Photos are here.

Lots'o'stuff since my last

Lots'o'stuff since my last post.

Got a new job - am now Dev Manager at a new game studio at Microsoft.

Mum flew out on Dec 17 and is still here - has been fun - she's here until Jan 8.

I bought the Grand Cherokee - a nice car!

I also picked up a Korg Karma and Mackie mixer - am having much fun with them.

I cooked Christmas dinner - Nick, Rachel and Dawin came round.

New Year was fun at Deb and Toms.

New Year's resolution: Keep this up to date ;-)

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