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So the band didn't

So the band didn't happen - apparently the guitarist hurt his hand or something... Everyone came back from Lopez yesterday instead of today - sounds like good fun was had by all. Darwin said CJ got stung on his tounge be a bee! Ouch! Hopefully he'll be able to sing by Thursday ;-)

Spent today getting my script engine finally doing structs correctly, including passing them to functions (native and script) and returning them from script and native functions.

Bletch - ended up

Bletch - ended up sucombing to food poisoning on Thursday eve - spent the whole of Friday either in bed or on the bog. Errk. Felt a bit better by Friday evening, but then proceeded to get massive back pain because I'd spent all day laying down. Ended up sleeping on the floor... Feel good today though.

Just got a copy of Cubase SX for cheap through a intra-company deal - am comparing it to Sonar XL which I normally use for recording. So far Cubase appears to be winning out (though it was a pain to set up with my Delta 66 card).

This eve, I hope to go see a band play at Joes.

Shame I couldn't make it to Lopez...

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