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Ok, what is it with

Ok, what is it with all these antibiotics in milk in this country? Yesterday I picked up a carton of milk which was not my normal brand and drunk some at about 7am. I then preceed to experience the joys of my bowels deciding to empty themselves of all contents in a particularly unpleasant manner over the next few hours.

My luverly wife pointed at the potential milk connection and that we normally get the antibiotic free stuff. Turns out that the bad stuff does the same thing to her. Ohh and milk in the UK doesn't have any of this nastiness. Considering I'm allegic to penicillin, it's no wonder the stuff gives me the squits. Damn greedy farmer bastards.

To top it all, I decided I should cancel band practice just in case I'm wrong and it's some awful disease that I could pass someone to CJ and his newborn...

Check this out. Turns out they do actually use pencillin!!!!

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