Wow - it's been a while (I seem to say that a lot). Well, what have I been up to?

Working on FlightSim. Added HLSL support, wrote a bunch of shaders, added specular bumpmapping to the water (well, actually it's just texbeml, but I wanted all the terrain shaders to be single pass). Bunch of other random stuff. We're in the final stretch and I'm doing a shit load of config stuff. I hate video drivers - how hard could it be? (Hmm, thinking about it quite hard - random trivia - I cowrote the first Direct3D driver that every existed - for the first Rendition part the night before WinHEC 95).

More interesting stuff - really getting into scripting languages - DanteScript (the language I developed for the cancelled Gemini) now sees light (potentially) as the scripting language for FS Next. I'm really pleased how easy it was to pull it out of Gemini and make it standalone (~3 hours).

Nabila is now definitely very pregnant ;-)

The band (Spank! has now played 3 gigs - two parties and one bar. We managed to blow the power at the bar (Smokie Joes) with our first song ;-)

Ho hum - two weeks until we ship. This will be fun.