My first ever Usenet post:

From: (S J Lacey)
Subject: Fast/Chip memory
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Nov 89 12:49:02 GMT
Lines: 14

My problem basically revolves around asking AllocMem() for fast memory.
What ever I ask for (Fast/Chip/Public), I seem to get Chip memory. I
should point out that this is on an Amiga 1000 with 1Meg of ram. Ta.

Steve J Lacey.

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This was written when I was working for Magnetic Scrolls whilst at university. I was porting Magnetic Windows (our runtime for the Magnetic Scrolls games) to the Amiga. This was written on a DEC MiniVax, and cross-compiled to the Amiga. This was fun stuff and involved getting the cross compiler running (based on gcc) writing the link loader for the Amiga when the only debug support I had was to issue an AmigaDos call that caused the current register status to be squirted out the serial port. Also, the Amiga didn't have a hard-drive. The assembler, source, etc... were all on floppy. Once the entire development system was running we could actually start on porting the game.

Sometimes I pine for those heady, low-level days...