You've got to wonder about Google's chances for long term success. I used to be a massive Google fan, and I still use them for search almost exclusively, but they seem to keep dropping the ball. If the fiasco that is their current IPO offering is any indication, how successful do you expect their long-term business to be?

Take their news offering as an example. It's been marked as "beta" for what seems like forever and doesn't seem to be getting any enhancements. I think MSN's new Newsbot is going to eat Google's lunch. It's adaptive and looks better. I'm sorry but stripped down look'n'feel is great and all, but sexy and sleek stands out better and looks more professional.

What about all the patent infrigements, or the fact that they were just plain lazy in trade-marking GMail?

I dunno. I'd like Google to succeed, but I see them screwing the pooch like Netscape or becoming another has-been like AltaVista or Excite.