Usually I try not to talk about blogging, because blogging about blogging seems slightly self-referential and a bit like posting for postings sake. Ah well, never mind. I'll probably do a bit more of this anyhow ;-

Blogs are interesting. It appeals to the voyeur in all of us - a peek from behind the curtains of our houses into someone else's life. And damn fun too.

Generally, the average user looks at websites - they don't use aggregators. They go from link to link to link. This is why blogrolls (or just plain inter-website links) are so important and accomplish a number of purposes:

  • Enable discovery of other sites by users. Usually sites that you find interesting.
  • Boost google rankings - how many times have people 'asked' for a link?
  • By linking to another site (whether via a post, or a sidebar link) and performing a trackback ping, generally your site will get automatically linked back from the target site, thereby improving your own google ranking.
  • And probably a whole bunch of others...

The problem is that this just gets unwieldy. For casual surfing, have you tried casually surfing through Scoble's blogroll? It's just too big.

What's needed is a very user friendly frontend for the 'average' web user. Bloglines is pretty good (and I use it), but you've got to add feeds of your own before you get any sort of recommendations. What's needed is somthing like google news, or more likely MSN's NewsBot where you can register your interests and likes; where it tracks posts you are interested in and offers up recommendations based on those. I could go on and on.

A bet this already exists and I just don't know about it because, ahem, it's hard to find.

As an aside, whilst writing this I notice that Scoble has just blogged on this very topic, but more along the lines of "work the system" rather than "we need a new system".