Coming to you live from the Triple J Cafe in Kirkland. Man, are there a lot of live wireless networks around here...

I picked up a HD Tivo at the weekend. I've been wanting to get one for ages and finally got around to it. Setup was a breeze. For a detailed review, check out Andy Pennell's website.

I stopped watching HD about six months ago, as switching backwards and forwards between my DirecTivo and the HD box was just too annoying. Plus the HD box wasn't a Tivo-type unit, so I couldn't record anything - and I basically don't watch anything live anymore.

The content available now is just great - yesterday I watched the baseball in HD on Fox, then American Chopper on Discovery HD Theater. Almost everything worth watching on the major networks is now in HD, plus with Bravo, HBO, Showtime, Discovery, ESPN, etc... now in HD on DirecTV, TV life is great.

And it's recordable too.