PodCasts are generally quite long - longer than your average musical track and definitely longer than my usual drive.

Yesterday I started listening to Adam Curry's latest missive and about 20 minutes into it I arrived home, so I switched off the PocketPC. Upon resuming it though, Media Player had reset and was showing the first track in the track list. Damn. Fast forward through to where I thought I left off; listen whilst driving to Costco; buy stuff; do the fast forward dance again. Damn.

Time to dig out the Windows Mobile SDK. Handily, it should be fairly easy to host WMP in a .Net app and have it do exactly what I want.

Update 10/11/04: After updating the firmware on my PocketPC, the pause issue has disappeared, and I can resuming playing from where I left off. It would be nice though, if WMP remembered where I last stopped listening on a per track basis, so I could skip around.