Yesterday I got my car back from R&R Automotive in Bellevue, three weeks after the accident. I'll tell you what, they did a fantastic job - the car looks wonderful, and handily all those rock chip marks I picked up a few days after taking delivery of the car are now gone! Cool.

Next step is to get the BMW/iPod interface installed.

Talking of the iPod, the latest version of iPodder (the Podcast downloader) is a vast improvement over the last one. Last night it downloaded the latest "Dawn And Drew" show - including the album art which showed up automatically on the iPod. It's a little thing, but it gave me an "Oh, that's cool" moment.

In a "that's uncool" moment though, how come the iTunes UI becomes unresponsive when it's talking to the iPod. Come on folks, it's not that hard to get right.