That'd be programming language, not verbal.

Talk about a confluence of ideas! I'd been thinking about this on and off for a while since Julian was born and up pops a post by Joshua Allen talking about a post by Don Box.

I too had been thinking along the lines of a declarative/functional (e.g. lisp/ml/hope/smalltalk) rather than imperative (e.g. C++, C#, Basic) language for the very reasons that it requires reasoning, planning and design - but most of all thought. (Quick recap, my dissertation was the unification of a functional, lambda calculus style language with a prolog system).

I'll add another one to the mix: ML. I like ML's mathematical look'n'feel, but without the obtuseness of something like lisp. Maybe it'd be Hope, which I did a lot of work with at college.

Anyhow, should be fun. At the moment I can't stop him throwing lego blocks at the dog. Stopping him dereferencing null pointers might be easier.