So I was in Bust Buy today, ostensibly to buy a $45 DirecTV receiver for the bedroom (can you believe these things are that cheap now? With retailer markup and distribution costs, DirecTV must be subsidizing that thing heavily) but mainly to give Nishal and Shyama the consummate US retail experience.

So I was wondering around while they were drooling over the video cameras and went back to the bits'n'pieces section. You know, that part of the store with the weird cables and the odd peripherals, and found the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse that I have been jonesing over for ages. The Microsoft company store never has these in stock. I'm assuming that they sell out as fast as they arrive - a coworker has to order from the website and incur the shipping costs for his, but I had been holding out hope that it would be there time and time again when I visit.

Now I have one.

This thing is great. It has a little USB dongle and the diminutive mouse itself. I'd never actually held the mouse and was pleasantly astounded to find out that it is heavy. I was expecting a lightweight, flimsy thing, but the weight is perfect.

But here's the kicker and the reason I've been after one.

When you're done, you unplug the USB dongle, which clips in to the bottom of the mouse, turning it off.

That simple design feature is killer. How many times have you taken an optical mouse out of a laptop bag and seen the little LED flashing away? How much battery power do you think is wasted while it is tumbling around in said bag during a flight, commute, etc...?

What a cool idea.

And that's why I've wanted one. And now I have one. And you should have one too.