Dave, my father-in-law, arrived from the UK yesterday and is staying with us for a month - yey! He really helps us out a lot with the kid, dog, house, etc... In fact, as we speak, he is out taking the dog for a walk.

Talking about the house, today is major install day for the new plasma that's getting placed above our fireplace, with the mounting (a new wall needs to be built to take the weight) and the audio setup (we have vaulted ceilings and little, very tight, crawl space above, which is going to lead to some interesting gymnastics), the installers have an interesting job ahead of them.

Props to Cutting Edge Design for doing a great design. The components will be going in next to the fireplace with a door at the back of the cabinet so they can be accessed from the rear in the adjoining room. I'm taking pictures during the install that I'll be posting tonight over here.