Nishal and Shyama were arriving from the UK today, so Dave and I went to pick them up from the airport. Though the flight arrived at 4.15pm, they didn't get out of immigration until past 6pm and were the last people out of immigration. Apparently our wonderful homeland security decided to grill them for some weird reason, though Nishal and Shyama are too nice to complain about it.

I'm not though.

Personally, I've had nothing but hassle from the whole INS system. But it won't improve because, oh yes, the people on the receiving end of the bad treatment, indifferent care and generally crap service don't get to vote. Hey! They're visitors, or taking our jobs, or whatever. They get what they deserve. Yes, but they're also bringing money into the country. Hell, I pay a shed-load in taxes.

Maybe in a few years the citizens of this country will have had enough of the bureaucratic, pointless, shoe unlacing hassle they receive at airports (how many aircraft have been saved by people taking off their shoes?) and wonder where all those billions of dollars are going and whether those dollars are actually being put to any sensible use.

But I digress.

It's great to have Nishal and Shyama staying with us for a week. We now have a very full house! This is their first trip to the US - when they leave here they're off to New York, so I hope they have a great time. Dave is going to show them around whilst I'm at work - Nabila is still ill, so I'm hoping she's going to take it easy.