We just watched the Director's cut of King Arthur. Well, I liked it - it had a lot going for it, especially as the story line is very different to any other Arthur film. It was definitely a Bruckheimer film - the final battle was great, but some of the squishy swordplay sound effects seemed like they were straight off of an over-produced sound effect library CD. That is not to say the movie as a whole is over the top, it's not. But it's not your usual Arthur fare.

I'm a big Clive Owen fan, and this role as an understated, confused Arthur suited him well. Kiera Knightley played the Guinevere role perfectly. Having her cast as an Amazon style character was a great change from the usual Guinevere role. The costume and make-up for the final battle were, ahem, different. No wardrobe malfuntions though.

Overall, King Arthur is definitely worth watching. It's a grittier, demystified version of a classic tale.