I really like RSS feeds. RSS is the way I read blogs, but the use of it by some a lot of people, even by some proponents of RSS really irks me.

The final 's' in RSS is syndication. I.e. syndication of the content. Don't just push out a headline or a teaser, push out the content.

I recognize that a lot of these site's revenue is driven by ads, but figure out a way to stick the ads in the RSS feed - I don't mind that at all. Just don't force me to go to your site to read the content.

If the point is click statistics, then just place a web beacon in the feed. Most (if not all) aggregators use a browser to display the content anyhow, so you'll get your click metrics.

RSS is about content syndication. Yes, there are other uses like search subscriptions, but in the end content is king.