Today I have a special edition of A Brit Abroad for you. On Thursday night I recorded a Skype call with two friends in the UK, Ian Dixon from The Media Center Show, and Phil from Clanlife.

With no real plan we basically geeked out and got all Engagety. I hope you enjoy it! We plan on making this a regular occurence.

At 35 minutes and forty seconds and weighing in at 16.4MB, It's A Brit Abroad and Friends!

Show Notes

00:00 Name and date check.
00:05 Intro sweeper and music.
00:38 Introduction to the show.
03:38 Skype call starts with introductions and banter.
04:11 The XBox 360 announcements.
05:06 Phil talks about his work at Clanlife and the game hosting business.
09:08 3G mobile networks, GPRS and comparisions between mobile in the US and UK. UK wins.
13:15 Bandwidth cost differences between US and UK. US wins.
13:45 Digital broadcast media lagging in the US.
14:30 We all started on ZX Spectrums and Amigas...
15:30 Perfect Dark Zero on XBox 360.
16:00 The MTV show.
16:30 Watch the Colony video.
16:50 A nice cup of tea.
18:05 Phil wants to move to the states and a potential job for his girlfriend.
18:45 Aluminum or Aluminium?
19:50 Trillian's use of Wikipedia.
20:28 Agile Messenger on Symbian.
20:50 Ian talks about his work.
21:25 Ian's Media Center Show podcast on The Podcast Network.
23:40 How I record the show.
24:50 Katana, my RSS aggregator and podcatcher. Ways of listening to podcasts.
33:20 Call wrap up, plans for more shows and goodbyes.
34:48 Conclusion.
35:20 Outro music.