Once again, after too long an interlude its podcast time. Today we talk about British podcasters, Powerbooks, podcatching software and driving on the wrong side of the road. Today's music is by Neon Brown - go and buy their music now!

At 31 minutes and twenty seconds and weighing in at 14.4MB, It's A Brit Abroad!

Show Notes

00:00 Name and date check.

00:04 Intro sweeper and music.

00:38 Introduction to the show.

03:38 Skype call starts with introductions and banter.

01:00 What's coming up in the show.

01:41 Ident.

01:50 Neil Dixon and Britcaster.com.

02:40 The Britpack, put together by podcastpaul.

03:42 A Minor Technicality excerpt.

05:42 Podcatcher software and thoughts regarding the Apple iTunes announcement.

09:01 Podcast search engines.

09:47 Music from Neon Brown - Nice Feathers.

12:07 Live audio pop debugging...

14:00 The Powerbook affair, including some personal history and thoughts on the Apple/Intel announcement.

20:36 Ident.

20:50 More music from Neon Brown - Pants Then Shoes.

25:40 Name check.

26:00 Expanded version of my Britpack segment on the differences between UK and US driving habits.

29:03 Ident.

29:07 I wasn't ranting. Honest. Passport hassles.

29:50 Conclusion. Comments welcome. Thanks to Neil and Phil for the idents.

31:02 Outro music.

31:20 End.