So I've been trying the Powerbook out on and off for the past week now, and though I absolutely love the hardware, I can't deal with the poor text rendering in OSX.

I bought the machine for personal use to try out the other OS. (Yeah, yeah, there's Linux too, but that runs nicely in Virtual PC...)

But no matter how cool the UI is (and it is cool, not sure how it'll stack up against Longhorn though), I can't get past the text rendering. For me, it's just too blurry. And yes, I've scoured the web for solutions and tried them all. It just doesn't stack up to ClearType, no matter what people say. And I don't buy the "it's the way anti-aliased text looks in print" argument. For a start, it's not print, it's an LCD panel, and second, I don't care. Text in Windows just looks so much better. All of course in my humble opinion...

So it's going back tomorrow.

I'd been thinking all week "why can't PC manufacturers come up with a Windows laptop design as cool as the Powerbook?" The Powerbook design has everything. It's sleek, widescreen, all the I/O ports you could want. Bluetooth, wireless. Cool, geeky lights on the power connector port and latch - not to mention the very cool backlit keyboard.

Damn, I want to run Windows on this thing.

According to Scoble it looks like I might not have to wait for long. Maybe Apple will build it for me.

I wonder if it'll be possible to run Windows on an Intel based Powerbook?

Now that would be cool.