Shortly before embarking on this maxi-vacation I'm calling a sabbatical, I thought that I'd be blogging way more. Instead, I seem to be blogging way about the same, maybe even a little bit less. Let's see what I've been up to this week (short pause while I bring up Mind Manager, which, by the way, if an incredible application - doubly so on the Tablet)...

So, it's mostly futzing around with the new Tablet PC with a couple of trips to the office to install software (working for MS definitely has advantages...); practicing golf at the range and on the practice greens, slurping wifi (and coffee) at Starbucks; installing an NVidia 7800 and setting it up so that it can drive my shiny new 50" plasma, looking into getting our roof fixed or replaced; mucking around with DHTML and javascript and getting all AJAXy on a few web ideas; producing a podcast; mucking around with music (Reason, Cubase and Guitar Port); Band practice; a couple of meetings at work.

Not bad.

I think it'll probably continue like that until the new little'un shows up at the end of August.

New item on the todo list: think of something profound to blog about. That, or hit the golf course Monday around lunchtime.