Tomorrow, my mum arrives from the UK to stay with us for a month. On Sunday, Jasmine arrives.

Our long awaited daughter will appear at 7.30am(ish).


To tell the truth I've been a little apprehensive. Jasmine will be arriving via a scheduled c-section and even though these things are minor in the surgery scheme of things, it's still surgery. And I'm just that little bit ever so squeamish. Before Julian was born, the anesthetist was happy that I wouldn't be in the OR as in her words "I only want one patient to deal with". ;-)

Which is why I'll be waiting in our room at Evergreen hospital while it's all happening. My mum though will be in the OR and will get to meet our new bundle of joy before I do.

The past few weeks have been interesting. I've developed some new coding skills (, I've played some golf, written some music, and generally chilled out whilst on sabbatical.

But now is the time to welcome Jasmine into the world, care for her, nurture her, and teach Julian the joys of having a little sister.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to meeting her.

This evening while laying on the couch, having Julian jump all over me, and standing on my stomach completely trusting that when I push him over into the huge pile of pillows, that it'll be the most fun thing he's ever experienced - I could only think about how much fun it'll be when there are two of them beating up on dad.

Welcome little girl.