Last week we had a new roof put on our house as the cedar shake on it was basically disintegrating. When we bought the house back in 2001 we had the roof inspected, repaired and warrantied for five years as a part of the contingencies for sale.

As it was still in warranty, I called the company that did the original repair work. Out of business. So I then called the warranty company. Again, out of business.

Ho hum. After chatting to a few people, it appears that these warranties aren't worth the paper they're written on...

So I spoke to a general contractor friend of mine who recommended Legacy Roofing. I called them and a guy came round to inspect the roof and prepare a quote. He projected a great image for the company. Professional, didn't try to up-sell things to me that I didn't need, and then after he inspected and measured the roof we went to his van which was basically setup like an office! He even had network connectivity back to base!

He prepared a quote there and then, which I was very happy with, so I signed right there and then. The cedar is supposed to last 50 years (it's three quarters of an inch thick), and they warranty all work for ten years which is transferable on sale of the house too.

Fast forward to last Monday, and the work crew turned up with some hi-tech trucks to deliver a skip and then proceeded to tear the old roof off, and felt it. That took two days. On Wednesday, the new cedar arrived, and on Thursday and Friday they installed it.

Man those guys worked hard - and it was really hot here last week. On Saturday they cleaned up really well and took the skip away.

The roof looks beautiful.

New Roof

Legacy Roofing. Highly recommended.