This morning, at the crack of 9am, Julian and I left for Woodland Park Zoo to meet up with our friends CJ and Karen with kids MacKenzie and Sebastian, and Dawn and Darwin with kid Gabby. What a wonderful time! We were there from 9.30am until around 12.30pm. Julian really got a kick out of all the animals, but especially the brown bears.

Julian's favourite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and when he first saw one of the huge bears his eyes lit up. "Mine!".

Then, of course, the bear took an absolutely enormous, streaming, steaming, crap. It must have lasted around 30 seconds. "Poo Poo!"

We then took a walk around the corner to an enclosed area that looked out upon the pool area of the bear enclosure. The water came about three feet up the glass so you could see the fish in the pool. Then over came one of the bears.


Into the pool came the bear, whereupon he literally tiptoed around, careful not to disturb the bottom of the pool, with his eyes in the water eyeing up the fish.

"Tag one!" Thought I, not thinking about the potential psychological trauma that such an event could have imposed upon the child.

In the end, the bear settled on some floating foliage and had salad instead.

Julian was just ecstatic. "Wow! Mine! More!"

After that we wondered around some more, had lunch with the Wheelers and then headed home. And then over to the Ingrams for BBQ.


What a day. Too hot, but ameliorated by the obvious joy that a boy had at the zoo.