As usual, it's been a while, but this time I have a really good excuse!

Today I talk about the new nipper, microphones, Apple's "Geniuses", Guitar Center, Katrina and PodcastCon UK.

Today's music is by me! It's my new solo track Ferryman.

At just over 23 minutes and weighing in at 16MB, It's A Brit Abroad!

Show Notes

00:00 Name and date check.
00:05 Intro sweeper and music.
00:19 Introduction to the show. Introducing Jasmine Susan Lacey.
02:21 New microphone - Rode NT1-A.
02:50 Rejigging the home studio.
03:55 Guitar Center and the microphone purchase.
06:32 Promo: Podshock - A Dr. Who podcast.
08:37 Exchanging an iPod - a tale of frustration with the "Genius Bar" at an Apple Store.
14:34 Brief Katrina thoughts that led to my new track.
15:02 Music: Ferryman.
19:17 Flight Simulator PM helping out in Katrina relief effort.
21:07 PodcastCon UK.
21:52 Promo: Britcaster.
22:31 Conclusion. Comments welcome, both text and mp3 -
22:48 Outro music.
23:07 End.