A bit of a light week as home has been a tad busy. What with Julian being home from daycare with the squits, Jasmine and Nabila with a cold, and mum having a painful sinus infection for which we had to take a trip to ER to get it sorted. Remind me to comment sometime about how efficient medicine is in the US compared to the UK. Yes, you have to pay, but it'll be covered by her travel insurance and we didn't have to wait five hours for treatment. In fact, they apologized that we'd have to wait for five minutes...

Everyone seems a lot better now, and the kidlets are down for a nap.

Last night I finally got to band practice after a break of over a month - and the practice went really well. I played the guys a song I'd been working on - "Ferryman", a little social commentary sort of ditty, so hopefully that'll be working it's way into the band's repertoire soon. Once I've finished the solo version, I'll stick it up here for your aural pleasure.

Tomorrow, for the first time this year, myself, CJ, Darwin and Tim will be heading to the links for some early (6.56am!) 18 holes of spanking whitey. To say I am looking forward to that would be an understatement.

And with that, I'm off to add the final touch to my little tune.