Today was my first day back in the office after my sabbatical. To be honest, I had grown used to my routine over the past eleven weeks of taking Julian to daycare, followed by eight hours of pottering around the house and writing code for whatever idea popped into my head.

On Tuesday night it finally hit me: I've got to go to work tomorrow!

The day was wonderful. Catching up with friends (i.e. my co-workers), taking the pulse of the project (not that I've been too distant, as I've been on email), blowing the dust off my desk, syncing my enlistment to the code, etc...

It's great to be back.

I must say though that I'm happy with my decision not to take any big trips. I've done a lot of traveling around the globe - both for business and pleasure, and I hope to do more. But for the first time in my life I spent my time off at home - relaxing; doing some recreational coding; catching up on other unexplored areas of technology; welcoming our new daughter into the family; getting a new roof put on the house; writing music; playing golf...

Don't feel that vacation, time off or whatever must be filled with intense pursuits so as "not to waste the time".

Take the time to chill and recharge.