So here it is.

Ferryman is the first time that I've written music, or more to the point lyrics, as a way of expressing certain thoughts about current events.

I hope you like it! If anyone has any ideas about what genre you'd call this (well, other than "crap"), please let me know!

Disclaimer: I can't sing. I must get CJ to sing this when we perform it as a band. Oh and he can do the solo too ;-)

For the music technophiles amongst you, this was recorded and produced using Reason and Cubase SX. The guitars and vocals were recorded in Cubase and the bass, drums and percussion in Reason, slaved via Rewire to Cubase. Everything performed by me.

Ferryman (mp3, 3.3MB)

If you like it, please consider making a donation to the Red Cross. And if you don't, well make a donation anyway.

Comments welcome...