I was just thinking that I couldn't have written anything interesting recently as I haven't been linked to by Robert Scoble for a while, when low and behold a new post from him shows up in my PubSub feeds. Not only for my Ajax service GoTo, but also for yesterday's podcasting article.

Cue a nice spike in traffic, both for this site and for GoTo. Cool.

The really interesting thing for me was that the big influx in trial users for GoTo showed off an oversite in my recent changes to support lazy registration, aka trial mode. When I added the trial mode, I also added a default set of blocks and links so that new users aren't presented with what amounts to a blank page.

Of course, this meant that the statistics for those sites went through the roof, so I've excluded links from trial users from the "Top Ranked" statistics.

Need help testing edge cases of your code under load? Just figure out a way to get Robert to link to you...