Today I have a very special guest! It's been eight months since the last time we did a podcast together, and as band practice was cancelled for today, my very good friend CJ joined me for an almost live and uncut edition of the show!

Amongst other things, we talk about life as a home dad, music, vasectomies(!), iPods, Dylan and Hockey. We also drink beer.

Today's music is by our band, Spank, and we get interrupted by the dog...

At just under 45 minutes and weighing in at 30.9MB, It's A Brit Abroad!

Show Notes

00:00 Name and date check.
00:05 Intro sweeper and music.
00:19 Introduction to the show.
00:32 CJ introduces himself.
01:47 Home dad.
03:19 How Steve got into playing the guitar.
09:08 Break to get beer.
10:53 The band's upcoming gig on November 16th at The Central Club in Kirkland, WA.
14:40 Music industry pushing for more money from online sales.
21:03 Friends having babies.
22:50 Friends back from Iraq.
24:05 Bob Dylan.
25:57 MAudio USB audio gear.
28:00 Music by Spank - Flotsam.
32:08 Video iPod.
36:06 The dog gets annoying.
40:35 Hockey is back.
42:05 A failed joke.
43:04 Conclusion. Comments welcome, both text and mp3 -
44:35 Outro music.
44:55 End.