Time for an update on Memeflow GoTo, my little bookmarking web service. It's been a while...

The big new feature is RSS feeds. You've always had an OPML feed of your links, but now you can get that as a full RSS feed, with each block as a separate item, or a changes RSS feed with an item per day detailing all the additions to each block.

The changes RSS feed is pretty nice as you could have a block set up for a particular topic (or, dare I say it, tag) and you and others can subscribe to the feed and see your changes. I'll probably add feeds for the specific blocks too.

The layout of the site has been tweaked too, so that all the informational blocks on the right-hand side are now placed on tabs. Take a look at the changes tab for a list of bug fixes. Most of the bug fixes have been to do with UI problems:

  • Make OPML compliant to v1.1.
  • Fix a bug where clicking another mouse button while left-click dragging a block or item would cause weird things to happen.
  • Fix a bug which could cause multiple edit boxes to be open for edit and out of sync in page.
  • Small pages adjustments. Separated system blocks into tabs.

In the queue for new features we have:

  • RSS feeds for specific blocks.
  • Provide a public facing page, so you can provide other people with read only access to your page.
  • Allowing re-ordering of items within blocks.
  • Import of bookmarks from IE or Firefox.
  • A place to enter comments or tags for links.
  • Some form of collapsible UI for the actions at the end of each link.
  • The ability to collapse blocks.
  • Pages of blocks.

Please let me know of any other ideas or bugs...