I just installed Photoshop CS2 and have been playing around with it. I must say, this looks like a must-have upgrade so far.

Some interesting stuff found that I've found:

  • Massive support for the general stuff you do with digital photos. Lens correction, perspective stuff, a whole load of new RAW thingies.
  • HDR as a first class citizen.

You could probably do all this before, but it appears to be a damn sight more accessible. Maybe that's just because I'm a wannabe art dude who's still incapable of figuring out masks…

Anyhow. Tip time.

When doing the digital photo thing, especially when scanning and processing a bunch of old photos, I find myself rotating and cropping images a lot. The tricky thing is the arbitrary rotation - it's very much trial and error.

Well, if you go to the measure tool (right click the dropper - it's the third item), draw a line that you want to be horizontal and then do an arbitrary rotation, you'll see the angle automatically filled in! Just apply and you're done. No more trial and error.

But then you probably already knew that.