On Monday, the HDMI output from my HD DirecTivo unit failed in an unusal manner. Basically the picture turned completely oversaturated and “cartoony” in appearance.

Initially I thought that Julian had got ahold of the TV remote control and messed with the settings, but after searching the house and finding the remote (on my TV, there is no way of messing with the settings other than with the actual remote), I figured out that the output had actually failed.

When I first acquired the unit I was using the component outputs as I had no display with an HDMI input. I was a tad concerned as I had read numerous reports of the HDMI port being DOA. Fortunately, when I hooked it up to the plasma back in March, it worked flawlessly. This week it appears that I hit the second most common problem out there.

So I called DirecTV with the expectation of getting the complete run-around. I fully expected this to be the forcing function that would move me back to cable and onto Windows Media Center.

But no.

Flawless customer support and “We'll have a new unit sent out to you tomorrow”.

So I thought for a change that I'd post about good customer support.

They'd better not screw up now…