You might think I'm talking about the Xbox 360. Nope. I got one on the first day. Hehe.

I'm talking about the Nikon D200 which I preordered (along with the new 18/200 lens) back in November. The release date was December 15th, and on the photography forums people are starting to get theirs and they've been arriving all over the place since Thursday. But have I got mine? Nope.

I'm telling you, this thing is hotter than the 360! It's out of stock everywhere, and if you want to get one now, well, you'll be waiting well into next year. It's really interesting watching the parallels between the two products.

After multiple phone calls to the local Ritz camera, mine was due to be shipped (ground, sigh…) from the warehouse to the store today. I might get it before Christmas.


[Update] Great minds think alike! Scoble just posted on the very same topic!