[Normal, non-rockstar service will be resumed as soon as possible]

So for the first time in my time as a member of a band we had the traditional “incident”.

Call it musical differences, call it a difference of opinion. Call it absolutely out of line.

So there we are, playing the tunes and just finishing up “Changes” (one of my favourite tracks btw), when our bass player (henceforth BP), turns around to fiddle with the amp he's using.

“Having problems?”, I ask.

“Yup, but it's not me.”

Uh oh.

“So what's the problem?”

“The snare, the drums. They're too loud.”

And there's me, thinking that I'm the problem. I've been using one of the studio's amps this evening and having a few level issues with it, but no, BP has a problem with our drummer (henceforth DM).

“And the tempo, I have a problem with the tempo.”

“What in Changes? Sounded fine to me.”

“No, in general. DM, you need to practice more.”

I keep quiet. I'm about to leap into full bullshit calling mode, and believe me, ten years at Microsoft has taught me a thing or two. But no. BP and DM (who have been friends for a very long time) obviously have some issues to deal with. Plus, this is a friendly thing. It's not like we're going to become professional rock stars, fer crissakes!

Somebody's expectations are completely out of whack. Wakeup call. I'm not the best guitar player in the world, and your bass playing ain't the best either.

Then it happens, DM starts to pack up his gear.

CJ and I look at each other and follow suit.

Now, I don't know what is going to happen and to be quite honest I do care. DM is a great guy and a friend. BP likes to point out that he and I are very different people and that he needs extra special care when dealing with him.

This came to a head a few months ago when he accused me of screwing him out of some cash when putting the CD together (I purchased some software to do the CD mastering and, in effect, saved us some cash).

Now though, I am just done. Final nail in coffin. Camel, straw, back.

Band practice is the one night a week I get to go out and have fun making music with friends. I don't want to spend the time mollycoddling someones feelings. I dread ever getting to the point when I'm thinking: “Oh no, it's band practice this evening and I have to play nice and touchy-feely”.

It's supposed to be a loud guitar and drums night with some mates.

I dunno.

DM expressed the feeling that he doesn't want to play anymore because he's feeling exactly the thoughts that I dread.

Me? I wanna play great music with CJ and DM. BP seems to need something different.

But then again, maybe we're a real rock band after all.