Maybe this should be moderated by the fact that I haven't got out much due to whatever bug I've caught, but here are some thoughts.

Poker is fun. I've always liked poker, but in a real casino setting, it rocks. The players in general are friendly, intelligent and witty.

Casinos suck. If the casino was a separate entity to the hotel I could probably deal with this, but I hate the fact that I am being physiologically herded like a sheep by the management.

  • The layout is totally confusing. The signs are all hidden and I've had problems finding the elevator to my room every single time.
  • There are no places to sit without a slot machine in front of you, i.e. no real “hotel lobby”. Even the tables in the bars are covered in video poker.
  • There are no clocks anywhere.
  • It is smokey. Very smokey. As a smoker myself, even I can't deal with it. The poker room is non-smoking, but it's open to the rest of the casino.

In general, everyone I've met from hotel staff to cab drivers has been very friendly and they love the city. Maybe I just need to visit when I'm not ill and get to share the experience with someone else…