Although I'm the #1 “Steve Lacey” on the popular search sites, as far as “Stephen Lacey” goes, in rate a #8 on the front page of Google, and I'm nowhere with the others.

Stephen is my real first name, and my mother hates it when I sign a birthday/christmas/etc… card as “Steve”.

I learnt that the hard way about twenty-five years ago.

Also, I use “Stephen” in any pseudo-legal, registration for conferences, etc… context. So it would be good if people who searched for me, well, found me.

Anyhow, in experiment number one, I've just added “Stephen Lacey” to the meta keywords. Lets see what effect that has. Yes I know I could employ the full SEO techniques, but I thought I'd see what actually works.

That means taking it one step at a time.

Btw, don't you think that the search engines would consider “Steve”, “Steven” and “Stephen” as synonyms? Even if they gave greater weighting to exact matches, treating them as completely seperate semantic entities seems odd.