Those of you in the game development community are aware of the big push towards high dynamic range (HDR) lighting that attempts to capture the full range of lighting behaviour rather than limiting ourselves to a low eight bit range.

At least during frame generation anyhow.

What you might not be aware of is the push towards using HDR in the digital photography space.

Typically, an image will be captured multiple times at multiple exposure settings and these images are blended - pulling out the highlights from the low exposures and the shadows from the high exposures. Photoshop CS2 has the capabilities to do this.

Other applications such as Photomatix add tone mapping - a process familiar to most graphics developers out there.

Anyhow, via Boing Boing I discovered a Flickr group dedicated to HDR photography. The results are outstanding.

HDR Image

I'd been meaning to try this for a while, so here's another nudge. Added to the todo list…