I caught the clone meme last week, and having been wanting to try it out ever since.

Well, today was the day. I grabbed the tripod and camera and ordered Julian around, getting him to stand in different locations throughout the room.

Oddly, he actually did as he was asked.

Julian cloned

The technique I used is basically the same one as described over here.

First I took a picture without Julian in it, and then took a bunch of other pictures with him in various locations.

I then stacked them up in layers in photoshop, with the layers where Julian was closest at the top of the stack.

Then for each layer I created a selection around Julian and generated a mask for the layer based on the selection, followed up my hand touching-up the mask to get the blend as invisible as possible.

The big things to make sure you mask right are the shadows and reflections (notice Julian's reflection in the television).

Anyhow, you get the idea. 'Twas fun.