This afternoon we decided to do a little family photo shoot, so I grabbed the camera and tripod and we went for it.

I Love My Little Sister

I absolutely love my Nikon D200. Not the least because photographing kids is a lot easier if you can capture five pictures a second and it actually takes the picture the instant you depress the shutter button…

Of course, the downside is that you can fill up a 2GB flash card in no-seconds-flat when you're shooting in RAW.

Anyhow, 125 pictures later and it's off to the PC.

I'm still working on my work flow, but for now (and for those interested) it looks something like this:

  • Create directory - e.g. \PhotoSource\2006\06-03-Family\RAW.
  • Copy pictures from camera to new directory.
  • Open up directory in Adobe Bridge.
  • Select all and append personal metadata (author, copyright, website, etc…).
  • Batch rename all files to something representative of the shoot rather than _DSCxxxxx.nef.
  • Initial pass over photos deleting all the crud.
  • Second pass over photos assigning an “out of five stars” rating.
  • Filter by greater than four stars and copy to newly created “Processed” sub-directory.
  • For each resulting photo:
    • Import into PhotoShop adjusting temperature and exposure in camera raw dialog.
    • Crop.
    • Adjust levels.
    • Smart sharpen if needed.
    • Convert to sRGB colour space.
    • Save as maximum quality jpeg.
  • Copy all jpegs to \Photos\2006\06-03-Family. \Photos is shared via Windows Media Connect to the Xbox 360 for slide-show goodness.
  • Upload to Flickr setting appropriate privacy and licenses.
  • Done.