Up until now, I've been editing my posts online using the MovableType interface.

This generally sucks, due to the lack of spell checking and everything that an offline editor can give you.

On the other hand, I'm not much of a wysiwyg guy as far as editing text goes. Give me troff any day. So I use the wonderful Textile 2 plugin from Brad Choate - a great and simple markup language.

Every now and then though, I try out the 'latest and greatest' offline editor, all of which generally suck either by forcing the source of the post to be HTML (and doing a very bad job of it), or having very little functionality.

Now though, I have a MacBook sitting in front of me, so I thought I'd give MarsEdit a go.

Am I ever glad I did!

Other than the great UI, I clicked on the preview button and saw that it offered markup using Textile. Hmmm, I wonder if it can do Textile 2?

A quick web search later yielded this post by Jon Hicks, and now I am able to create posts and preview them offline.

I can even have the live preview running as I type.

Nice job guys, and great job to Newgator for building a stable of great blogging and blog reading tools.