I just posted a comment over on the G'Day World Blog, and thought you guys might find it interesting…

Hiya Cam,

I picked up a MacBook Pro because of the bootcamp announcement. I was debating what laptop to get for th new business, and wanted a Mac, but like you was thinking that it might be a waste if OSX just didn't do the job for me - I'm still a Windows nut at heart.

Anyhow, bootcamp works great - am doing dev work, runing the usual apps and GuildWars runs perfectly :-)

I'm also using the Parallels workstation beta when booted into OSX to run Outlook and MindManager.

Anyhow - great laptop - with two caveats.

  1. No second mouse button - you gotta ctrl-click in Parallels and install a hack for bootcamp to get one.
  2. No delete key. Yes it says “delete” on the keyboard, but Windows sees it as backspace. That makes doing ctrl-alt-del a problem when logging in! Parallels has a menu option to send a ctrl-alt-del, but bootcamp has no option. You need to plug in a usb keyboard to get logged in, then use a key remapper like the one in the Windows resource kit to map another key to delete. I just remapped F12.

Anyhow, no regrets. The machine is ultra-sexy. It's all worth it for the backlit keyboard :-)



And there ya go…