Thank you.

I've been having an internal argument with myself over what laptop to get, and after using WinTel based laptops since my first one in 1993, I decided that it was time to try the “other” operating system on my laptop for a while.

You may remember that I attempted this last year, but I've got over my previous objections to the platform after switching backwards and forwards between a PowerMac G5 and a Windows PC at home.

My main problem is that on my laptop I need Outlook, MindManager and FeedDemon.

For Outlook I can use Entourage, for MindManager, well, I don't know. Virtual PC might have to suffice (but an Intel OSX, running a PowerPC VirtualPC, running an Intel Windows XP might be interesting…). For FeedDemon, I can use NetNewsWire.

My problem has been, what if I just doesn't work for me? Have a just wasted some cash and some really nice hardware?

Well, now I can just boot Windows XP on the MacBook. I wonder if anyone has tried a Vista beta on it?

Thinking about it, you can call an Intel based Mac running Windows a “WinTel” box too!