I like them, but they're playing a little loosely with the truth.

For example, in Viruses they imply that Mac's don't get viruses, which is obviously not true. Right now they just have a lot less. I wonder how many people are going to start complaining when the rate of infection increases.

As Dave Winer points out:

And the ad about viruses is just plain STUPID. Man are they asking for it. What happens when users who bought Macs thinking they couldn't get viruses all of a sudden are getting them. The Federal Trade Commission is going to love that. Can you spell Class Action Lawsuit?

Next, the iLife ad.

Yes, when you buy a Mac, you get iLife. But when iLife gets upgraded, you've got to buy the new version if you want the it. Even if you buy the new version of the OS (i.e. when upgrading to Tiger from Panther), you don't get the latest version of iLife with it.

I.e. one hardware purchase == one version of OSX == one version of iLife.

Nice ads, but a little hazy on the truth.