Note, this will be a stream of notes/conciousness, updated as the day goes along.

The first question of the day was “Can we have TVs for the World Cup?”.

Opening Remarks

Chris jokingly responded “We'll need a sponsor”, at which point Halley Suitt from Top Ten Sources agreed to sponsor it! So there'll be TVs here for the England v. Portugal game tomorrow.


At the break before the first session I bumped into Kris Krug, whose photography I am a massive fan of. Cool.

Kris Krug

I also finally met Kosso. It turns out Kosso was the guy I was talking to while he was podcasting and streaming it into Second Life a few weeks ago.


While I was outside and people were taking pictures, Eric Rice quipped “Damn Citizen Paparazi!”

Anyhow, up on stage now is Mike Arrington from TechCrunch.

Mike Arrington

I'm not even going to try to keep notes about the sessions - I wanna listen, so I'll rely on the few hundred other bloggers in the audience…

Anyhow, the TVs are now live showing the World Cup…

Cool. Now Dave Dederer is singing…

Dave Dederer

Senator John Edwards is up.

Senator John Edwards

  • JE: Not here to give a speech, but to learn from you.
  • Questions/Statements
    • Read Wisdom Of Crowds by James Surowiecki.
    • Marc Canter: I'm a red diaper baby. “We see a bunch of limpy ball-less democrats that won't take it to the mat.”
    • Can you tell as a politician when you slip into mealy mouthiness.
      • JE: Politicians are conditioned to never be real. Yes you can feel it. The next president is likely to be the candidate that doesn't sound like a politician. It's not easy. Especially when reporters are asking you questions. It's hard in that environment to be normal. I'm training my self to actually answer questions and be normal. My wife will punch me when I'm being a politician.
    • How involved should the government be on monitoring traffic on the internet?
      • JE: Have to be very careful. Needs to be very limited.
    • Republicans use language very well to get what they want. “Death Tax”, “Patriot Act”.
      • JE: I have a concern about to much energy being spent on strategy rather than doing the right thing. It's difficult to govern without winning. Presidential elections are decided by integrity, character, trust. Not the issues.
    • Are we doing what it takes to win.
      • JE: There is a battle going on for the soul of the democratic party. Need big ideas that we're willing to stand behind with backbone.

One person asked about having citizen media follow the presidential candidates around during the campaign - unrestricted access. He agreed and said that the candidate that had the confidence and trustworthiness to believe in themselves and willing to let themselves be totally open has the ability to gain massive trust from the country. They would also force the other candidates to do the same or appear false.

Up after lunch, Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon - Net Neutrality.

Werner Vogels

  • The phone and cable companies will fundamentally alter the internet in America unless Congress acts to stop them.
    • Until last year Internet content delivery was regulated - the premise that there would be fair access.
    • Consumers have little or no choice of broadband access.
      • There are no market forces at work.
  • The telcos' plan:
    • Closed fast lane (their content) and open slow lane.
      • Paid police escort within the slow lane where paid equals for bid or auction.
      • Preferential local on-ramp into the slow lane.
    • This is an international issue.
  • Consumer safe guards - this is the net-neutrality amendment.
    • Content can only be prioritized by type and level of bandwidth purchased by the customer.
    • Terms for local content injection must be reasonable and non-discriminatory.