A couple of interesting posts are making the rounds today by Brad Feld and Mark Cuban regarding the use of swearing.

Being a Brit and coming from a culture where the use of interesting colloquial vernacular is much more widespread and accepted than it is here in the US, I highly appreciated their posts.

But, of course, being a father, it's bound to be my fault when the anything “interesting” comes out of the mouths of the babes.

To quote Mark Cuban:

I mean come on, does it really matter if we say Poo Poo or shit ? Of course not. Unless of course your married and your wife tells you it matters. She doesnt want to be the one who gets phone calls from teachers and other parents getting blamed for all the 3 year olds in the little gym class screaming “Kiss My Ass you Mo Fo”… Me, i couldn't think of anything i would rather see and hear. but thats me.


For some reason, Julian has stopped using the word “fart” and is now saying “toot”. I'm disappointed. Day care indoctrination I guess.

Coincidentally, I was watching Lewis Black: Red, White & Screwed last night where he makes the point that the verbal release of anger and frustration by swearing stops us picking up a tire-iron and beating the living crap out of something. Good point.

Actually, this also reminds me of an occasion shortly after I joined Microsoft, when I was meeting with some game developers in Redmond.

These guys were from the UK and prior to the meeting kicking off there was a good amount of light-hearted banter going backwards and forwards, with the usual amount of UK style swearing sprinkled in for good measure. The US Microsofties in the meeting started getting more and more worried looks on their faces and eventually asked me to step out with them as they had something to discuss.

“This meeting is going horribly! Everyone is being so unpleasant to each other!”

Of course, nothing could have been further from the truth. We were getting along great.