In a recent post by Hugh MacLeod, he links to an older post that I remember reading, but only now has it really sunk in.

Hugh talks about the The Kinetic Quality of advertising. I believe that what he's talking about translates directly over to the startup world.

The often asked question about a new startup is “Why?”. Why would I buy that? Why are you building it? What problem is it solving?

For us, SwitchGear is solving a personal pain. We need to work harder at communicating why we believe everyone else also shares that pain.

They just don't know it yet.

Our product needs to make our customers smarter.

Startups need to flip Hugh's explanation of the kinetic quality of marketing to customers around to the “why” of their product.

How is your product going to solve a pain point, and how are you going to get customers to come to you to be educated? Will they be smarter and more informed now that they've chosen your product?

Will they feel good about it?