With a nod to the danger of this becoming a photoblog, we had some fun at the beginning of the week. First of all we attended our friend Andrew's birthday bash at Agua Verde in Seattle.

I'd never been to this part of town before, and it was spectacular - right by the water and great food.

Down by the water

On July 4th, Julian and I nipped downtown for the annual Kirkland parade and then we all went along to our neighbour's house for an afternoon party. Their garden is wonderful.


Finally, we had our own “5th Annual Independence Day Celebration” - hosted by the brits. A few of the neighbours and associated kids came along - much finger painting and burger eating ensued, though a bit quieter than in previous years. By the early evening we were on our own, when friends Sam and Jessie turned up and watched the fireworks with us - thanks for coming!


When the fireworks finally appeared I grabbed by tripod and attempted to take some pictures - totally guesswork on my part - I wish someone had posted a link to the New York Institute of Photography's article on shooting fireworks before the the 4th!