Ignoring the meltdown that was 2001, in 2003 I decided to dip my toe in some stock purchases. Notably Apple Computer (AAPL) and ATI Technologies (ATYT).

I picked up Apple at $33 and ATI at $18, and while Apple did well, ATI tanked into the $15 range and stayed there.

Now, Apple did indeed do very well for me, bumping up into the $60 range before dropping to the low $50s. At that point (last week) I decided to get out of both of them and take a tidy 30% profit.

Of course, two days later Apple releases stellar earnings again putting it at $60.81 (as of right now) and AMD announces the acquisition of ATI today, putting ATI's stock higher than my buy in price for the first time at $19.50.

If I'd waited a week to sell, I would have made 56% profit.

Even though I made a tidy profit for over the two years, I'm still pissed off that it wasn't more.

Isn't that always the case?